WWDC 2018

TL; DR – No, I didn’t attend in person…

That said, I did stream as many sessions as I usually would attend had I been in person. Apple has really stepped up their streaming game as it pertains to the developer conference. In some ways, attending this way is better than attending it in person. Look at the advantages:

  1. No mad dash for a seat at the keynote
  2. No penalty for starting a session and finding out it’s not for me – can simply choose another
  3. No problem keeping the laptop charged throughout the day (finding a seat in the sessions that had power was always an issue at Moscone – though I can’t speak to how it is at the new venue
  4. Starts three hours later and lets me work the sessions in while I’m doing actual work
  5. No problems with WiFI

Of course, there are disadvantages:

  1. No labs
  2. No lunch sessions
  3. No beer bash
  4. No beard bash
  5. No networking
  6. No seeing people I’ve connected with over the prior five WWDC’s I’ve attended

On balance I’m happy with the trade-offs this year. As right now I’m in full J2EE developer mode, I can’t dedicate the time to have prepared sufficiently to really take advantage of the labs.

I do miss the beard bash though. Next year.

A life without Twitter (or at least a full day)

Twitter is one of those things that you just don’t “get” right away. I’ve been on Twitter since 2007, yet my earliest tweets show a service that was not really clear about what it’s purpose was. Let’s have some examples:

  • Vista adventure 25 11-17-2007
  • Windows mobile is the devil 12-12-2008
  • Getting on the 30 minute bus ride 20 minutes before they close the office? Priceless 1-27-2009
  • Interface builder – teh awesome 2-1-2009

Very little retweeting, quoting or really interacting. Just a lot of pointless chatter. At the time, one could argue that Twitter was the Seinfeld of networks – A Network about Nothing.

If only the Twitter of 2018 was more like the Twitter of 2007. One thing that has remained constant from 2007 through today is I predominantly use Twitter to complain. Those that know me are likely shocked….

Just what is Twitter of 2018? Middle school. In all the same ways that middle school was about the cliques, Twitter is all tribalism all the time. Little matters about what you say, just who you’re with. Which tribe you identify with.

And that is a problem. You’re in the MAGA tribe, or you’re in the Resistance tribe and that’s it. Much online discussion is framed in little more than us versus them or hashtag wars. Very little actual discussion happens on Twitter, just a lot of outrage and righteous indignation.

I plan on stopping active Twitter use for a while. How long? Who knows. In it’s place I’ve grabbed a couple of subscriptions and plan on adding a few more. One of the biggest positives before Twitter became what it has become was the ability to get news as it was happening.

Musings on Android

Android is a fine mobile operating system. It has never been otherwise. The closer to the hardware you go, the more similar iOS and Android become. The problem with android has been, and remains, the OEMs.

10 Somewhat difficult miles

On the road to 26.2, one of the first stops is mile marker 10. Five or six years ago, I was running about 6 miles a day during the late spring to early fall. Back then I had the advantage of working within close proximity of a very accessible route. A runnable route was a very nice perk of working downtown. One that I sorely lack out in the suburbs of Mason. That isn’t to say there aren’t any places to run, that would be wrong. There just are too many places where the speed limit is too high and the sidewalk non-existent.

Enough about that though, let’s talk about running 10 miles. It’s still rather cold, so this run was inside and was at the gym I frequent. I chose the gym over the home treadmill because the ones at the gym have a nice fan to keep you cool. Like the 5k, the 10 miler was a slow one at 5.5mph. That gave me a per mile time of just under 11 minutes a mile – which is far too slow. My usual outdoor pace is somewhere between 6-6.5mph or 8:30 – 9 minutes per mile. Clearly I have work to do on the speed front. Let’s stick to distance.

10 miles isn’t quite half where I need to be. Next week I hope to get either 13 or 16 miles in and hopefully they’ll be outdoors – though weather in the Midwest is nothing if not unpredictable. At less than half, I am a bit concerned that I was hitting heart rates of 150bpm by the end. My “power band” is typically around 138bpm. If I stay there I can run until my knees just stop working. Any sustained activity over 150 and I have trouble keeping breathing in line and things stop being fun.

Something surprising about the 5k was how difficult a run it was. Several times I was bargaining with myself to start walking for a bit – though I never did. I did not get sleep the prior evening, so I’m sure it’s a contributing factor.

A quick aside, the 10 miler was the 2nd longest run I’ve done outside of the half marathon, so that’s something. The first 5 miles were pretty uneventful. Six and seven were mostly bargaining. I started breaking down the run into just the next mile. Then as mile 10 got closer, it was the next half mile, or next quarter mile. Anything to make what’s left seem attainable.

With less than a half a mile left, the treadmill automatically went into cool down. Apparently at the gym, you cannot be on a treadmill longer than 100 minutes. So… I jumped over to an adjacent treadmill and finished up. This is why I mention how important it is that I find a route outside.

Speaking of outside, outside of speed, my biggest weakness now is handling elevation. I’m just not great at it. Running to Nine Giant a couple of weeks ago required multiple times to stop and walk – even though it was only 2.2 miles each way. Clearly this is something I can solve, I just need to find the right route. So off to Google Maps.



The scheduled re-launch of content has been a little rocky. I have not been able to get external tools like WordPress’ iOS app to connect to the site. Additionally, it won’t reliably connect to their own jetpack service, which is super awesome.

Something I’ve done, to be sure. I just need to figure out what…