A life without Twitter (or at least a full day)

Twitter is one of those things that you just don’t “get” right away. I’ve been on Twitter since 2007, yet my earliest tweets show a service that was not really clear about what it’s purpose was. Let’s have some examples:

  • Vista adventure 25 11-17-2007
  • Windows mobile is the devil 12-12-2008
  • Getting on the 30 minute bus ride 20 minutes before they close the office? Priceless 1-27-2009
  • Interface builder – teh awesome 2-1-2009

Very little retweeting, quoting or really interacting. Just a lot of pointless chatter. At the time, one could argue that Twitter was the Seinfeld of networks – A Network about Nothing.

If only the Twitter of 2018 was more like the Twitter of 2007. One thing that has remained constant from 2007 through today is I predominantly use Twitter to complain. Those that know me are likely shocked….

Just what is Twitter of 2018? Middle school. In all the same ways that middle school was about the cliques, Twitter is all tribalism all the time. Little matters about what you say, just who you’re with. Which tribe you identify with.

And that is a problem. You’re in the MAGA tribe, or you’re in the Resistance tribe and that’s it. Much online discussion is framed in little more than us versus them or hashtag wars. Very little actual discussion happens on Twitter, just a lot of outrage and righteous indignation.

I plan on stopping active Twitter use for a while. How long? Who knows. In it’s place I’ve grabbed a couple of subscriptions and plan on adding a few more. One of the biggest positives before Twitter became what it has become was the ability to get news as it was happening.