WWDC 2018

TL; DR – No, I didn’t attend in person…

That said, I did stream as many sessions as I usually would attend had I been in person. Apple has really stepped up their streaming game as it pertains to the developer conference. In some ways, attending this way is better than attending it in person. Look at the advantages:

  1. No mad dash for a seat at the keynote
  2. No penalty for starting a session and finding out it’s not for me – can simply choose another
  3. No problem keeping the laptop charged throughout the day (finding a seat in the sessions that had power was always an issue at Moscone – though I can’t speak to how it is at the new venue
  4. Starts three hours later and lets me work the sessions in while I’m doing actual work
  5. No problems with WiFI

Of course, there are disadvantages:

  1. No labs
  2. No lunch sessions
  3. No beer bash
  4. No beard bash
  5. No networking
  6. No seeing people I’ve connected with over the prior five WWDC’s I’ve attended

On balance I’m happy with the trade-offs this year. As right now I’m in full J2EE developer mode, I can’t dedicate the time to have prepared sufficiently to really take advantage of the labs.

I do miss the beard bash though. Next year.